We’ve developed an iOS app. Franklins is an app for hip hop enthusiasts. We locate and select the best of hip hop and write a related chronicle.

What does Franklins do?
Discover all the chronicles that Franklins has written on the topic of hip hop. Since the beginning of 2018, Franklins has located the best hip hop and collected it in a playlist, written a chronicle on a new and enlightening topic.

Like most people, I visit my ”Discover Weekly”, ”Release Radar” and ”Recommended for you” in Spotify. I end up collecting a song or two each week. Most of it I don’t like, or it’s old. With Franklins, I hope to bring some other songs, that might go by unnoticed by some people, to the spotlight. Note that not everything will be unknown, but some. It’s an attempt to curate a list of a more personal touch of music, like a sub genre in itself, by being selected by taste. Most important though: I hope it’ll give you some new music to enjoy.

With this app, you can:
• Read all new and previous newsletters
• See the best artists right now
• Discover statistics from the past years in the newsletter
• Get in touch and discuss hip hop with the creator of Franklins
• Suggest music• Subscribe to the newsletter (which is sent quarterly)