Issue 54

This newsletter is a tribute to Mats Nileskär. Some of you’ve stumbled across his name when Kendrick Lamar used his interview with Tupac on his album, To Pimp A Butterfly. The interview became the epicenter of the whole album. Mats is a journalist in Sweden. He’s hosted a radio show called P3 Soul since 1978. He’s done over 6,000 inteviews with famous hip hop, rap and R&B stars since then. Tupac, Jay Z, Aretha Franklin, Sly Stone, Questlove, Aaliyah, Beyonce, James Brown, and many more.

Soundcloud Based

This weeks theme is soundcloud based. A lot of famous rappers today gained their fame through Soundcloud. Probably the most vital platform for new rappers to promote their work. One of this weeks artist, Chance The Rapper, also one of the biggest names in music today, credit his success to this platform. And it’s sinking. Hope it …