This weeks theme is soundcloud based. A lot of famous rappers today gained their fame through Soundcloud. Probably the most vital platform for new rappers to promote their work. One of this weeks artist, Chance The Rapper, also one of the biggest names in music today, credit his success to this platform. And it’s sinking. Hope it survives. Hip hop needs it. This week is a tribute.

He’s been around the A$ap mob forever, A$ap Twelvyy, without releasing a proper mixtape or album. But now he’s announced his debut album 12.

Aminé skyrocketed last year with Caroline. After his recent XXL feature, he’s about to try to go big with his upcoming album release.

Jalen Santoy had a hit recently with this Bobby Herp-samled track. The mixtape is a tribute to his cousin who was a victim of police brutality. Let’s see if he’s a one-hit wonder or more.

We all know Chance. He just released this track in hopes of keeping the drowning Soundcloud alive. Let’s see if the track can help out.


A$ap Twelvyy
(feat. A$ap Rocky)

Spotify link or Apple Musicnull

Wedding Crashers

(feat. Offset)

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Jalen Santoy

Spotify link or Apple Musicnull

Big B’s

Chance The Rapper
(feat. Young Thug)

Soundcloud link

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