Issue 60

Best time of the year: almost summer. There’s a gap during summer where there’s not as many releases. So the artists release a lot of new music just before summer. They want to get those summer radio plays which is a huge opportunity to make it. This means that all rappers release their best shit in the next 3-4 weeks in hopes to be the summer hits.

Issue 59

This is a special newsletter. From usually writing about a couple of artists, and linking multiple tracks – this newsletter will be all about Jay Electronica.

Issue 58

It’s crazy how a sub genre can grow in a city and contain there for a while and influence other new rappers from the same area in such short time. I heard Sheff G and quickly got alerted about 10 other rappers who are young and have tops two projects under their belt, and with the same kind of sub genre.

Issue 57

Now we’re looking into a new year. For this newsletter, I’ll collect a few artist that I hope to see more of, and that I suspect might take another level up.

Issue 56

No newsletter like this could make Jay Z’s career justice. The discography is cemented into hip hop history, a legacy to carry on for future rappers and will always be acknowledged as one of the founders, greatest and most important artist and profile to hip hop.

A lot of tracks couldn’t fit into this newsletter due to time and space. It could easily be filled with 30 more tracks, but I hope you enjoyed it, as well as enjoy Jay Z’s discography whenever you take your time to listen to it.

Issue 55

Wow! Franklins is back. What made the bear wake up from its pit? Well, truth be told, it’s no new young artist, crazy revelation about a new genre or similar. It’s because of two topics: Kanye West and Future’s Monster

Issue 54

This newsletter is a tribute to Mats Nileskär. Some of you’ve stumbled across his name when Kendrick Lamar used his interview with Tupac on his album, To Pimp A Butterfly. The interview became the epicenter of the whole album. Mats is a journalist in Sweden. He’s hosted a radio show called P3 Soul since 1978. He’s done over 6,000 inteviews with famous hip hop, rap and R&B stars since then. Tupac, Jay Z, Aretha Franklin, Sly Stone, Questlove, Aaliyah, Beyonce, James Brown, and many more.

Issue 53

Issue 53 What a summer. Chance The Rapper releases what might be the most boring album to date. A$ap Rocky is still facing charges of assault – in my city here in Sweden to add to that. And a lot of good music. Like YBN Cordae that I hadn’t paid attention to prior to his …

Issue 52

Issue 52 From the known to the rather unknown, this newsletter will bring nostalgia with Chance The Rappers big hit mixtape Acid Rap, that after years are available on Spotify and other streaming services. We also have Serious Klein, who my friend Lucas recommended me. He’s reaching about 100k listeners a month which isn’t much …

Issue 51

Issue 51 Summer is coming along well and I’m off on vacation. There’s usually a “summer album” being released that have a lot of feel good vibes but can’t say I’ve found that one this year. What I’ve found though, is one of my new favourite up and coming artist: Octavian. This british MC has …