Issue 58

There’s always a steady stream of quality rap from certain areas such as Bay Area, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. There’s a few areas that has been circulating more and more lately that has been flying under the radar though. I’ve heard a lot from Washington (!) since I discovered Shordie Shordie. Also, more and more drill (!) sorta rappers from New York.

It’s crazy how a sub genre can grow in a city and contain there for a while and influence other new rappers from the same area in such short time. I heard Sheff G and quickly got alerted about 10 other rappers who are young and have tops two projects under their belt, and with the same kind of sub genre.

Sheff G is serving a 5 year probation but still put out quality music, and hopefully he can keep control while the probation pass by. Sheff has a series called ”Panic” that gains a lot of listeners as soon as he release something. He, 22Gz and Fivio Foreign has popped off a lot. They all have support from now-famous producer AXL Beats, who gained a lot of publicity after producing WAR for Drake recently.

Other projects that are worth a mention is Denzel Curry’s and Kenny Beat’s EP ”UNLOCKED” that was spectacular from start to finish. Also, G Herbo’s new album ”PTSD” delivered a consistent sound and overall fantastic. I loved that he featured Polo G who I’ve kept listen to since his album release. Polo proves on the track Lawyer Fees that he got bars that stays with you for a long time. Always catchy.



Modern drill from New York by 22Gz. It’s one of that tracks that makes you want to commit a crime or something. Bars like ”hoodie on mask on strap on he trynna run he aint got that far” is a certified drill line.

Listen to Suburban, Pt. 2

Also worthy a mention, his track Blixky Gang Freestyle that goes in the same theme.

Fivio Foreign

Continuing where we left of from previous track, Fivio Foreign has that New York drill sound. Video has Bobby Shmurda vibes as well.

Listen to Big Drip


I know nothing about this guy. He has the worst google friendly name ever (Tree), so it’s difficult to find anything about him, but he has a unique voice that he combines with soul inspired beats that pop off.

Listen to Talk About It


Continuing on the drill scene mentioned before, this UK rapper has combined drill with grime and it’s a track with just quick, hard bars. With the second worst google friendly name (SJ), it’s difficult to find any information about him, but I found that he’s been sentenced to 21 years in prison, so will take a while til’ we hear from him again I believe.

Listen to Youngest In Charge

Sheff G

Perhaps the most famous drill rapper from New York currently, Sheff G is on the forefront on heavy yet simple beats where he leaves no second silent, which I always love: that gives me an atmosphere of not spilling a second, but trying to get their bars out there.

Listen to Feel Ah Way

G Herbo ft. Polo G

My favourite track from this newsletter is easily this one. G Herbo has always been pouring his thoughts in a unique way, and now combining Polo G’s talent for melody assembles nicely to this amazing track.

Listen to Lawyer Fees

Denzel Curry ft. Kenny Beats

I’ve mentioned Kenny Beats YouTube series previously, but if you haven’t checked it out, start with the episode where Denzel visit the studio and they record a great track. Denzel is a Miami rapper that has been delivering phenomenal tracks throughout the years with such high quality consistently that I believe he’ll be around forever.

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