Issue 60

Best time of the year: almost summer. There’s a gap during summer where there’s not as many releases. So the artists release a lot of new music just before summer. They want to get those summer radio plays which is a huge opportunity to make it. This means that all rappers release their best shit in the next 3-4 weeks in hopes to be the summer hits.

And it’s started to pour. Huge credit to The Alchemist who has been constantly delivering quality production during 2020. He has produced multiple albums that has made it not only to Franklins playlist, but to Billboard Top lists and more; ”Pray for Paris” was a great album, and today he released in collaboration with Freddie ’Skinny Suge’ Gibbs another album: Alfredo. Great concept, great production, insane flows, fantastic merch.

And we got more. Hope you enjoy the music and the incoming summer.


Nat Nat by TyFontaine

Pop-influenced, bouncy hip hop. Guess Young Thug has been around long enough now to inspire kids that have now grown up and started releasing music. This is really fun and joyful.

Listen to Nat Nat

Riri by Aminé

Haven’t featured Aminé in a year, but his skill for melody, joyful instrumental and catchy hooks all come together on this one.

Listen to Riri

1985 by Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist

As mentioned in the intro, this is Freddie and The Alchemist at their best. Freddie’s collab albums are a thing of wonder. He can rap on anything.

Listen to 1985

DND by Polo G

My No.1 favourite album last year was by Polo G. His first album. I’ve been ridiculously worried about if it was a one time thing. But with his new album, he proved relentlessy that he’s here to stay. I’m so relieved and happy.

Listen to DND

6lock 6a6y by Lil Loaded

Raw as you can be, Lil Loaded is fresh in the rap industry, and he actually got discovered by a random youtuber doing ”reactive videos” when he sorted on ”hip hop music” and sorted on ”New”. And he stumbled upon this gem. Such a banger.

Listen to 6locc 6a6y

Ghetto Angels by NoCap

Another southern singing-rapping artist that really captures that subgenre with great melody and bars.

Listen to Ghetto Angels

327 by Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn released his anticipated album, produced by The Alchemist recently. That raw, calm voice, here in collaboration with some greatness such as Joey Badass, Tyler, The Creator and Billie Essco.

Listen to 327

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