Issue 61

And we’re back. Back to reality. Summer is still on, but personally it’s back to work tomorrow. I haven’t been listening that much to music during the summer which is sad. But the benefit is that I had a lot of music to listen through during the day. 

While browsing through all the music that was released, I was really excited to hear Aminé’s new album, Limbo. It’s actually his third album, following up from ONEPOINTFIVE (2018) and his success debut Good For You (2017), which had the hit Caroline which really made him famous. After listening through Limbo, I’m really pleased that it was even better than his previous two good albums. Limbo is consistent, albeit a stronger first half than second, it’s a great flow of tracks from start to finish with some calm, nice tracks mixed well with some radio hits. 

I’ve also listened through Pop Smoke’s album Shoot For The Starts Aim For The Moon which was released posthumously earlier this summer. Sadly, Pop got shot in February during a robbery of his home. He had an album ready for release fortunately. It’s a great mix of current rap trends such as the trap that we’ve seen in the UK and New York. It also has hommage to mid 00’s hip hop with 50 Cent being Pop Smoke’s idol. And 50 is featured on a track, and mentioned in verses in other tracks. It’s nice to see he got to pay that hommage, and to connect over a track or two with his favorite rapper before his early death.

I look forward to all the music that has been cooking during summer, and hopefully the corona situation can at least bring a couple of good albums now that rappers have stayed at home and in their studio recording new music. Let’s wait and see.

Thanks for reading,
/Willie at Franklins

Afterlife by Flathbush Zombies

This is easily one of the best tracks this summer. Flatbush has been around forever and I’ve listened to them to what feels like forever. But this beat by James Blake (!!) really made them step out of their comfort zone and prove that they have that extra level in them. It made me incredibly happy, since I feel they’ve been lacking behind all the new rappers that has risen quickly recently and perhaps surpassed them in progress and execution. Excited for their next step.

Listen to Afterlife

Baguetti by Kenny Beats, Smino and JID

Holy. Shit. I actually already regret my statement in the previous paragraph: this is probably the best track this summer. I got my eyes up for Kenny when he started his YouTube channel where he invited rappers to co-create a track and rap in his studio. It is a great series that I (again) recommend. Now inviting the always-steady and delivering rapper Smino and J. Cole’s talented protogé JID to create this amazing track. Fantastic beat. Amazing hook. Incredible bars. Such a fantastic track.

Listen to Baguetti

Pop Smoke, Roddy Ricch and 50 Cent
The Woo

Here’s Pop Smoke in a collaboration with 50 Cent. Such a smooth, easy ride throughout the track. Lovely to see 50 putting in the work in 2020 as well.

Listen to The Woo

Kobe’s Room (Truth Be Told)

Waldo ain’t new to the scene, but he’s new to being featured at Franklins Weekly. I’m happy to have him mentioned here because this is a great track with that perfect blend of music genres mixed into one. And he can rap for sure. I’m going to keep an eye on his profile and see what else might pop these coming months.

Listen to Kobe’s Room (Truth Be Told)

Amir Tripp and Saba
Dark Knight

Let’s keep the tempo smooth and calm with this beautiful track by Amir Tripp and Saba: Dark Knight.


One of all the good tracks from the album by Aminé.

Listen to Woodlawn

Machinedrum and Freddie Gibbs
Kane Train
Freddie Gibbs has proven over and over again that he can rap on literally anything – any kind of beat at any time. And this is yet another time where he proves it. The first 15 seconds of this track is brings some serious hype as well.
Listen to Kane Train

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