Issue 55

Wow! Franklins is back. What made the bear wake up from its pit? Well, truth be told, it’s no new young artist, crazy revelation about a new genre or similar. It’s because of two topics:

First, Kanye’s new album absolutely sucks. I have to go back years to find something that I had such high hopes for, that crushed me as hard as this. I feel he slapped me and everyone else with a heavy, wet, whiffy fish – with immense power – in the face. The leak, Yandhi, promised something was in the works, and while it was just the draft, it had moments of clarity. The atrocity of album that was released, Jesus is King,  lacks any sort of inspiration or completion. I won’t dig any deeper – the cut is already all the way through.

Anyhow! The second thing that popped up was a notification this morning. Future released his absolutely phenomenal mixtape Monster on streaming services this morning. Monster was a lyrically heavy mixed with a dark, evil-sounding production that reflected well what was going on in Future’s mind while recording this; a decadent mix of girls, money and dirty soda Sprite mix as a daily dosage. We were blessed with tracks such as Throw Away, Fetti and Codeine Crazy. One red thread going through is dealing with loneliness after breakup as this was written and released shortly after his breakup with R&B star Ciara. Although sad, this mixtape also started Future’s to-this-day unbeaten creative period where he released mixtape after album in an inhumane timespan. The ambition, hard work proved to be one of the most successful periods for an artist in hip hop history. Although not widely famous and popular at the time, the only feature on the mixtape is from Lil Wayne, and it feels like Future rather invited Lil Wayne, rather than begged for a feature (which is usually the case when you want promotion). Otherwise, it was all him with collaboration with producers Metro Boomin, Soutshide and TM88. The mixtape made it to a lot of ”Best of”/”Top” lists, amongst them Pitchfork’s ”Top 50 Mixtapes of the Millenium” and cemented Future as one of the most influential rappers of our time.

Lastly, we’ve also got some new music that I’ll write more about below.

Throw Away

One of Future’s most popular track to this day, and also was one of the first track that had a beat switch, which became wildly popular after this, as heard in almost any Travis Scott song after this was released.

Listen here

Codeine Crazy

The outro to his mixtape, Monster.

Listen here

Big Stepper

There’s so many rappers that have one hit wonders. One who has, but has also made his second, third and more, is Roddy Ricch. He keeps shining. Absolutely favourite, (rather) new rapper in the industry.

Listen here


What did I say about the electric guitar loop as beat? Well, it’s hear again, put in use greatly by Kevin Gates – the hood’s favourite.

Listen here

Savage Nomad

Danny Brown’s previous album, Atrocity Exhibition, was nothing short of greatness. He’s back with a new album, uknowatimsayin?, that has everything that Danny Brown does best: funny lines, experimental production and a lot of Danny’s own character in it: that perfect blend of madness and genius.

Listen here

Wiley Flow

Classic Stormzy lyrics with dissing, boasting and more. Great, intense beat that he rides well with a great hook. What’s not to like? But why does the album cover look like it was made in Microsoft Word?! Damn.

Listen here


While browsing Octavian’s discography, I stumbled upon a track where he features and it’s definetly worthy of multiple replays.Such a sweet instrumental as well.

Listen here

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