Issue 55

Wow! Franklins is back. What made the bear wake up from its pit? Well, truth be told, it’s no new young artist, crazy revelation about a new genre or similar. It’s because of two topics: Kanye West and Future’s Monster

Issue 54

This newsletter is a tribute to Mats Nileskär. Some of you’ve stumbled across his name when Kendrick Lamar used his interview with Tupac on his album, To Pimp A Butterfly. The interview became the epicenter of the whole album. Mats is a journalist in Sweden. He’s hosted a radio show called P3 Soul since 1978. He’s done over 6,000 inteviews with famous hip hop, rap and R&B stars since then. Tupac, Jay Z, Aretha Franklin, Sly Stone, Questlove, Aaliyah, Beyonce, James Brown, and many more.

Banger Era

I remember 2013-2014 when there was a release each week that had a new track that was 100% made to be a ”banger” and nothing else. Like the tracks stated in the subtitle, all of these (and more), were dropped in a period where everyone wanted to take the #1 radio spot. I believe this …


We’ve got a few rappers that are growing steadily, and some who break through overnight. In this newsletter, we’ve got some of both. Can you imagine going from unknown to famous overnight? Weird feeling. Bas (in picture above) has been at it for yeeeears while some blow up instantly. Can’t say that one way is …


The theme this week is collaboration. This theme fell in my lap. We got three great collaborations today. One of the biggest in rap, Future, just released an album with well-known Young Thug. And we have the up and coming duo Earthgang. The popular british duo, Krept and Konan, also released a new album today. Lastly, we …