This weeks theme is self produced. It’s common to work with different producers and create different synergies between rapper and producer. That’s one thing I like with hip hop. But I also appreciate when the rappers produce themselves; it usually feels like there’s a greater connection between the track and the rap style. The rappers this week have all produced the tracks themselves.

The first artist this week is J.I.D who signed to J. Coles label Dreamville earlier this February. His release album was a sweet combination of what to expect from a rapper from Atlanta signed to a more conscious label.

With his upcoming album Tyler, The Creator has received a lot of attention already, and this track gives another glimpse of what to come. I never really stuck with Tyler previously, but from all we’ve heard from his album, it feels like this is the kind of music he’s been trying to create all along. I’m very excited.

The Cool Kids is a high school flashback for me. I remember the first time I listened to their mixtape Gone Fishing and album The Bake Sale and was mesmerized: could hip hop actually sound like this. And it was amazing.

Dave is hands down my favourite british rapper. He’s always bringing something different. I highlighted his previous single, 100M’s, and now he’s back with this british-american track.

Hasta Luego


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Tyler, The Creator

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The Cool Kids

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