It’s the last days of summer, so it’s a perfect time to promote the color green. It’s a reference to the synonym to youthand young. The featured artists this newsletter has a low average age, hence the topic.

Overall, it’s been an insane amount of hip hop that has been released this year so far, and more is to come. 


This is the sixth or seventh time that Brockhampton is featured on this newsletter. But there’s no stopping this ”boyband” from keep producing excellent music. This track is as soothing and catchy as all their previous ones. New album is (again!) on its way.

Listen to 1999 WILDFIRE.

Denzel Curry

Franklins featured Denzel Curry a while ago. I took a trip down memory lane by listening to old personal playlists the other day and found some Denzel Curry here and there. He was decent back in the day; creating a new heavy type of sound with an angle that wasn’t popular in hip hop previously (he has a somewhat ”rage” brand to his name). He’s grown musically and with his latest album he flexes his ability to create an A and B-side to an album. There’s a perfect balance of fast, uptempo tracks influenced by trap, to creating smooth tracks. 


Buddy ft. Khalid

Buddy made huge numbers when his collaboration with Pharrell Williams was announced. He has also worked with the super-talented Kaytranada. With this latest track, he has linked with the top-chart kid Khalid who’s flavouring this track with a great melody. 

Listen to Trippin’.

Young Thug

Young Thug recently sent a snake (literally) to the XXL office. It wasn’t ment to be seen as a death threat (although it does seem like it), but rather a marketing stunt to promote his own, new label.

His first step for the label was to release an album, Slime Language (hence the snake). This track exhibits Gunna, who’ve we’ve seen on a lot of Thugger tracks throughout the years as well as Lil Baby who had one of the larger hits last year with the track Yes Indeed.

Listen to Chanel.

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