The theme this week is jail time. There’s so many rappers that have been or are locked up. Retch just got released to name one, and Meek Mill just got locked up. Meek has had like 11 years of probation for law violences. 11 years. Can’t see how I wouldn’t fail any probation rule during that time either. Anyhow,  this newsletter is dedicated to a refresh of the probation system.

Dreezy just released a track Spar featuring 6LACK and Kodak Black. I remember playing another Dreezy track, Nothin’, in 2013 and downloading it. That was just something else, but I can’t say I’ve enjoyed anything from her since then. Not until this track. 

IshDARR who has been mentioned here before, released a track today: Moon Girl. He hasn’t received that mainstream attention (yet?). His strongest attribute is good vocal melodies – not just in the hook, but in all his verses, throughout all his tracks, which I find unique. 

K. Forest is a tip which I gladly receive, especially at this quality. He reminds me of the OVO signee Roy Woods. Great R&B vibes all around.

Nav is more of a meme than an artist these days, but with this track he shows he can still produce enjoyable music. Features the always refreshing Lil Uzi Vert.


Dreezy (ft. 6LACK & Kodak Black)

Spotify link

Moon Girl


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K. Forest

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Wanted You

Nav (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)

Spotify link

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