Summer is here, hence we’ve got the longest newsletter to date. There’s so many tracks being released each week. Can’t complain though. We have a couple of New York influences for this newsletter today: Dave East, Nas, Desiigner, Caleborate, Thutmose, and more. Let’s go!

Dave East & Nas

He’s been featured before: Dave East comes with his nasty flow and Harlem stories once again. This time he brings his teacher: the legendary Nasty Nas. Soulful, still hitting hard with this inviting track titled ”NYCHA”. 

That flow when Nas enters the track? That’s why he’s known as Nasty Nas… 

Listen to NYCHA.


Thutmose is an up-and-coming rapper from New York. He blew up fast with his remix of the Kendrick Lamar track. He’s here with a up-tempo rap track to shine bright on his fast lyrics. Also shamelessly named himself after the great pharaoh. Let’s see if he reaches the same height as the former ruler of Egypt.

Listen to Ride With Me.


It’s not a misspel in the title. I guess he was smart enough to change his name enough to be google friendly and not be on page 44 – because ”Saint John” is pretty taken, in google search optimization terms.

Anyhow, SAINt JHN brings the slower tempo to this weeks newsletter. It’s a powerful rap and R&B mashup with a hook that follows you when the track has ended.  

Listen to Reflex.


This might be my favourite track of this newsletter; perfect match of beat to his weirdly sounding voice. He has that ear to create a nice temperature around his verses and still bridging nicely into his hook.

Listen to GOTTI.

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