I try to keep a lookout for new trends on the horizon. We had a period where every new beat had a flute in it (Mask OffBig AmountPortlandTunnel Vision, Broccoli). I believe the high-point of that era has passed. I believe we’re moving into a new era where there’s a repeated electric guitar loop playing. We can see that in Ace Hoods new track We Ball, Kid Inks new track Tomahawk (which was produced by my friend, Canto, check it out!), AJ Traceys latest track Nothing But Net.

There’s more but these have to suffice to make the point. I believe the one thing missing is the breaking point where it takes off. During the flute era, Future made it blow up with his track Mask Off, and one track by a big artist with a guitar loop would make this big and take this to every new track.

Anyhow, it’s Friday and there’s new music. Til’ next time!

High Top Versace

2 Chainz released a new album today. As usual, he brings some of the heaviest feature like Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Young Thug and more. This track has that old school Thugger sound which I love.

Listen here

Excuse Me

DaBaby, a name unfamiliar to me previous to this post, has released a new album today with some huge features. You can hear he’s really hungry and don’t want to waste a second on his album: I believe every second has a word in it. Impressive and nice feature as well with Rich Homie Quan.

Listen here


SAINt JHN has been featured before, although a long time ago. It’s always exciting to hear his new stuff to see where he’s going. He mixes rap with modern R&B in a nice way. He also brought Lil Baby for this track which is a splendid feature choice.

Listen here


Ivory is one of the most popular rappers in Sweden. Have you ever wondered how Swedish rap sounds like? Well, this is an example. He released a new album last week. This track features the probably biggest rapper in Sweden today, Mwuana, as well as Canto, who’s been introduced earlier.

Listen here

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