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It’s been a long time since I posted. Sad! There’s been a lot going on: I’ve moved to a new place that needed a lot of work. I’ve also spent a lot of energy writing articles about design (if you fancy, have a read here).

But here we are, back at it. There’s been a lot of happenings since I last wrote. In just these past few weeks, Nipsey Hussle was killed which saddened me immensely. It’s always a tragic when someone dies. Adding to that, it’s a tragic that Nipsey got shot, who worked for the community and the past decade has been doing so much for so many in the community. I’ve read so much good things about him since he died and it saddens me even more that even though you turn your life around and get out of the gang life you still can get shot. It doesn’t inspire hope to those who try next, which is a tragedy on a higher level. 

Good memories

I have incredibly fond memories of Nipsey’s music. I remember back in 2013 when Crenshaw dropped. Such an epic album. No filler tracks, just pure gold – each and every track. I especially remember when I had moved to London on my own. I didn’t know anyone there and started a new life there. In the beginning of such a journey, a lot of time you’ll spend alone (or at least I did), before you get to know some people in the new city. All that time I had on my own, I listened to music. And a lot of that time was spent listening to Nipsey’s album Crenshaw. Riding my bike through my neighbourhood, cruising down new avenues and parks listening to Checc Me Out and Summertime in That Cutlass will forever be something Nipsey gave me. It was a time of beauty.

Paying respect

I believe it’s worth remembering things like this, to make the memory of someone who did good things last longer. Jay Z did an epic freestyle in Nipsey’s memory the other day. Another great way of paying respect.

Anyhow, I’ve got a lot of great music and stories to share. Til’ next time!

2 Step Stevie (R.I.P)

Ramirez released a new album this past Friday and it’s great. He is connected to Suicideboys which is clear when you hear him rap. But he also picks smoother beats and his super clear flow shines. 

Listen here


He’s been featured before: Kota The Friend. Another summerish track that is the epitome of feel good. He just announced that he has an album on the way which will deliver the perfect summer vibes. Can’t wait.

Listen here

94.6 Kys FM

While we’re on Ramirez, I have to mention his track 94.6 Kys FM. It’s a great mix of genres and the beat itself would be a hit as an instrumental. The cover art blends in so well with the track as well. 

Listen here

Too Many Gods

Joey Badass and Asap Rocky got together to create this mastodont track. I love the electric guitar in the background and the kind of action-inspired-Hans-Zimmer thing going on. A lot of Game Of Thrones references that they deliver with class. No spoilers though. Such a great hook.

Listen here


Schoolboy Q released a new album last week. It’s one of my favourite rappers. He has such a good humour, but can also write epic stories. He is great at creating unique sounds while still making them mainstream. This album was the first big disappointment from his side, but it still had to great tracks. In this track, Crash, I love how he gets down to personal stuff and invites us to his inner thoughts.

Listen to Crash

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