Issue 52

From the known to the rather unknown, this newsletter will bring nostalgia with Chance The Rappers big hit mixtape Acid Rap, that after years are available on Spotify and other streaming services.

We also have Serious Klein, who my friend Lucas recommended me. He’s reaching about 100k listeners a month which isn’t much in todays market, but he’s destined for more.

There’s also Abhi The Nomad this week; a son of an indian diplomat and at 25 has refined his sounds dearly. 

I’m impressed with how all these young, rather unkown rappers have all their shit together? They have studio equipment, studio time, the talent, which is incredibly difficult to put togheter. But to reach the stars today, you also need to have that art direction; great album cover, the perfect social media interaction and imagery. The visual language needs to be at such a high level and social media used perfectly to be at a level where you’d even have a chance.

And yes, a lot of them have PR managers, but before that, still, a lot of them handle it perfectly. The big difference today, is that –  compared to Chance the Rapper that I’m featuring today with his old hit mixtape Acid Rap – you have to have a successful first debut album. Isn’t that crazy? The time of making it big with a mixtape isn’t a thing anymore. You have to go from 0 to 100. And then you have to make it with that album, or no-one will gamble on your follow-up.

Let’s see if these young rappers that I’m featuring today will be back!

Kia Music

Serious Klein, as mentioned in the intro, released his album You Should’ve Known and made average numbers, but with a great concept and sound. We’ll see if he will reach the next level with his upcoming release!

Listen here

18 Wheeler

Benny The Butcher hasn’t been featured before. Truth be told: it’s because I’ve never heard of him. This is his biggest hit with almost 500k listens which isn’t enough today to make it, but we’ll see if he will go on. The reason I found the track is because Pusha T is featured on it. And as you can see from the album cover, it’s Al Pacino in his actor-cocaine-mode, so you know you have to invite Pusha T who is the king of cocaine rap. It’s a great song – and how couldn’t it be with lines like these:
The only drug dealer out at fashion week With an 80/20 split like Master P Why would I ever 50/50 you ain’t half of me Benny the Butcher comin after me Listen here

Sex n’ Drugs

Abhi the Nomad has double the numbers of Serious Klein, because he has a more radio sound to his music. He definitely has played around with different sounds to find that radio compatible music while also staying true to his art.

Listen here

Shea Butter Baby

What. A. Track. Ari Lennox is the future R&B star of J. Cole’s label Dreamville. I’m certain. This hook is the perfect sound to take you to the bigger stage. I love every second of this song. 

Listen here

Cocoa Butter Kisses

Chance might’ve been the last rapper to make it big with a mixtape. It’s either debut with an album or single today. This mixtape was the last of its kind, and I’m so happy that it’s available on streaming services finally (other than SoundCloud…) because it was so good it deserved to be the last of its kind.

Listen here

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