We’re closing 2018 shortly. I thought I’d summarize the year with a short series of the best tracks of 2018. I’ve decided to start off with the best young artists this year.

Let’s go!


He has kept releasing quality music the past years. He has just put out an album that has gone big. His calm, almost spoken-like R&B rapping is soothing yet attention grasping enough. His 2018 has been great with the album release and many major features. His best work today is probably his great track Pretty Little Fears which has a legendary feature from J Cole.


Perhaps the 10th time they’ve been featured in this newsletter, but these guys can’t stop creating perfect music. Their latest album is absolutely fantastic just like the previous ones and I love the beat switch on WEIGHT.


I’m seriously impressed by the amount of tracks this guy uploads. A lot of the tracks has really great quality as well, and I think he has a good thing going with a friend of his, Bleverly Hills, whom he works with a lot and co-creates music with. A track from this year that has stood out is Rock-a-Fella.


Well he got featured in the previous letter and once about a year ago in this newsletter, but that’s because he’s constantly involved in great music. His release two weeks ago was really good, but I feel he has a huge potential that is incoming sooner or later.

In his latest album he also included some trap but still with a twist of it, with a feature from A$AP Ferg, on the track Westbrook.

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