The Donald Trump year is about to end. Donald has reached the front pages each and every other day. He even had an impact on hip hop by being referenced to in multiple songs. Kanye also connected with Trump which stirred up major news articles and debates online. Anyhow… the newsletter is introduced by something rather distanced from the genre, I have to admit. It’s due to my feelings towards the year in hip hop. I can’t say I’m over the moon with feelings regarding the progress in hip hop this year. I can’t say that “that album” was extra ordinary, or any new rappers that will change my listening habits radically. To be frank, 2018 wasn’t my favourite year in hip hop.

I have to admit that I look forward to a new year in hip hop. When I look back in 2018 I mostly think about the new mumble/drug/bass heavy rappers such as 6ix9ine, Lil Peep, Lil Pump, Smokepurrp and affiliates racking up the majority of the attention and they’re not my preferable sub-genre. I wonder, is this how the stubborn 90’s-00’s, “Golden Era” hip hop fans who still play Wu-Tang on the daily, felt when trap and R&B started influencing the boom rap? And if so, I worry. I worry to not progress my hip hop listening. I worry that I will become a “grumpy old man” at the age of 28 by claiming that new hip hop isn’t “the good stuff”.

I will muster up and I look into 2019 determined to accelerate my variety in artists and new sub-genres to explore more hip hop than any year previously, determined to not lose grip on the hobby I enjoy the most.

With that said. There were still a couple of great tracks released in 2018 (more than 100 added to the playlist!) and these were my favourite ones.

Til’ next year.


Pillow T. was new to be prior to this song. With just a handful of songs public on Spotify, he seems to deliver quality over quantity. Calm banger.

Listen here


Denzel Curry released his album this year and received fantastic reviews. This track is the most energy-filled track of them all.

Listen here


YoungBoy Never Going Broke Again released this track as a salute to his lost friend and does it in a calm and nice way. He creates the best melodies.

Listen here

December 24

Earl Sweatshirt surprisingly released an album recently. He’s been off the grid for over 2 years. He exposes his thoughts throughout the past, rough years.

Listen here

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