The theme this week is to get famous. After years of hard work, a small clique of artists manage to break through the clutter and gain enough followers to reach radio, playlists and fame. Some hip hop producers get famous by DJing at strip clubs, some by actually being the next track that is automatically playing after another track and some perhaps more based on their profile and fashion than their rapping abilities.

AJ Tracey has been featured before. He’s been on tour and have created this at the same time. Regarding last weeks theme: mans got to work to stay on top.

Metro Boomin has produced for everyone. All the big artist today. Some are his own tracks with some of the greater names in hip hop. Metro became famous after being the resident DJ at the legendary strip club ’Magic’ in Atlanta.

Giggs became extra famous after being featured on Drakes latest album. Today he released a new album. He has featured from some of the bigger names in hip hop. Although I can’t resist to feature the track with the not-as-famous but should-be-extra-famous Dave.


AJ Tracey

Spotify link or Apple Music

Blue Pill

Metro Boomin (feat. Travis Scott)

Spotify link and Apple Music


Giggs (ft. Dave)

Spotify link or Apple Music


AJ Tracey (ft. JME & Denzel Curry)

Spotify link or Apple Music

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