The theme this week is seen it all. We have Wu-Tang who has been around since… well, what feels like the beginning. Gucci who has released at least 100 mixtapes and albums (have you ever tried to scroll down his discography?!). I want to dedicate this weeks newsletter to Wu-Tang clan who with their latest album sold it as an auction. Just like any great artpiece: Picasso, Basquiat, Van Gogh, Wu-Tang sold their album as a work of art and rightfully so. They tried to elevate the role hip hop has in the art scene with another way to deliver an album – pushing the genre forward and raising the bar of how hip hop is perceived.

Wu-Tang Clan doesn’t need an introduction. Legends of the trade; masters of all trades, master of all, kind of group.

Eddy Fish brings Gucci Mane to the table this week. Gucci who also releases his own album will for sure give Eddy some extra hype.

Gucci Mane has literally seen it all; he’s been imprisoned number of times but always swings back. Looking at the progress he’s doing now, he might be in the shape of his life. Nothing seems to be able to stop him; he’s on every front and he’s doing really good. Might be because he quit the lean. Good looking out, Mane.

Hoodrich Pablo Juan is another of Atlanta greats. For his album he brings them all; Migos, Gucci, etc. He’s been a rising star outside of Atlanta for a long time, but seen as one of the best in his area. Recently signed to Gucci Manes label.

Pearl Harbor

Wu-Tang Clan

Spotify link or Apple Music


Eddy Fish (feat. Gucci Mane)

Spotify link and Apple Music

Jumped Out The Whip

Gucci Mane (ft. A$ap Rocky)

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Hoodrich Pablo Juan (ft. Playboi Carti)

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