The theme this week is no rest. As a musician, you’ll have to keep your audience happy by releasing new albums, EPs, LPs, singles, features and what not. The amount of mixtapes and albums that are released each year is mental. Kevin Gates releasing an album from prison is a proof of how hungry the audience is, and how much is expected from a musician today: you can never stay away for too long.

Kevin Gates was the single source for my work-out music a few years back. The Luca Brasi Story is still in my rotation. This new album is conjured by his wife, since Kevin still is locked up.

Young Thug and Carnage released this EP today. I’m pretty sure Thugger can rap on any kind of beat, and this EP confirms it.

Rapsody, encouraged by Jay Z and more, known for her lyrics and New York vibe, released an album today. I couldn’t decide between these two great tracks so I’m featuring both.

No Love

Kevin Gates

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Rapsody (feat. Anderson. Paak)

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Young Thug & Carnage

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Rapsody (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

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