The theme this week is time to shine. So you’ve created a great mixtape, but what now? It can be tough to get in the limelight without proper advertisement. Some artist never breaks through and make it big, but still creates great work. This week is a tribute to you; the talented, the hungry, the greats unknown.

Kembe X almost signed to Kendrick Lamars’ label, TDE, a year ago. He’s been an up and comer since 2011 but has never made it big. He keeps delivering though, and this track is an example of that. 

K.A.A.N gained my attention with this track. This track is like a statement track: I’m here to rap, and I’m going in 100%. You can feel it in his voice, delivery and bars. He’d go 110% if it was possible.

Ka, the unknown legend. Praised as one of the greatest by Wu Tang Clan father, RZA. Ka actually quit rapping but came back recently with this rough, minimalistic EP. He’s not a jack of all trades type, he’s more like a master of them all: he produces, writes and raps – but perhaps the only thing he’s lacking is PR, because he never made it big.

Chaz French averages 30k per track on his Spotify with the one or two exceptions where features made the tracks go viral. But the man has raw talent and has been going in for a couple of years.

Talk Back


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Concealed the Outro


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Chaz French

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