New season new hip hop. Artist usually have a different vibe to their beats and lyrics when it’s spring. Everyone wants to have the spring and summer hit that’ll be played on all parties and graduations etc.

We have a lot of new music since the last newsletter. I’ve been featuring more and more from the Bay area in San Fransisco. In this newsletter we got Fliboimoe (the worstname).

There’s also more ”boy bands” on the rise with Brockhampton and now also Young Fathers who has released the best album this year so far. 

Let’s go.

Vince Staples

Let’s start with Vince Staples new track Get The Fuck Off My Dick which is produced by one of the greatest producers today, DJ Dahi. He has produced hits like Worst Behaviour (Drake), Stand For (Ty Dolla $), Drug Dealers Anonymous (Pusha T), Hell of A Night (Schoolboy Q) and five tracks on Kendrick Lamars album DAMN. which is a CV heavier than Killer Mike.

Vince himself calls himself avant garde on this new track and throws slaps around on while smoothly rapping down the lines.

Listen to Get The Fuck Off My Dick.


The next track is by Fliboimoe who has around 5,000 listeners each month on Spotify. Let’s hope that count grows because he has a really good thing going with this track as well as his collaborations with the likes of OMB Peezy. 

He’s got a great flow, he sounds really calm even though he’s neither famous nor old. Let’s see where his confidence takes him.

Listen to Pop Off.

Rich Homie Quan

Oh me oh my… Rich Homie Quan isn’t a name I thought I’d feature here since it feels like he kinda fell off a couple of years ago. I remember there was a huge debate on hip hop forums where people argued who of Rich Homie and Young Thug would blow up. It looked like Rich Homie was going to claim the prize but as we all know Young Thug triumphed. 

Nice to hear that he’s still there and going. This track is even more Young Thug sounding than compared to how he sounded before. Can’t complain since it sounds good.

Listen to Understood.

Young Fathers

Not pure hip hop, but with influence of the instrumentals and ”rapping”, Young Fathers has created a great album with a great coherent sound that still creates a unique highlight for each new track.

With hip hop being the most popular genre the past couple of years, I see a lot of genres merging into hip hop (rather than vice versa, as it was before). I look forward to the genre evolving even further.

Also — happy to feature a scottish band for the first time here. 

Listen to In My View.

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