Who hasn’t mentioned or heard about the hype surrounding the movie Black Panther these past weeks? Massive campaign and story for the movie taking place in the fictive place called Wakanda, where we see a portrayed picture of afrofuturism: the sci-fi concept about a tech-savvy future for the African continent. 

And since this is portrayed in a movie called Black Panther, it makes my mind wander to Tupac and his mother, who was a member of the Black Panther movement. It was a radical movement to claim justice for the minority of afro-american in America. Tupac’s legacy orbits this subject. Hence we’re featuring Tupac this week. Also celebrating this week: Kendrick Lamar and his label mates and more, who has created the soundtrack for the Black Panther movie that was released. 

Schoolboy Q

One of the standout tracks on the Black Panther OST is the track ”X” featuring Saudi, Schoolboy Q and 2 Chainz. Feels like a upgrade, more mature version of the ”banger” hype that was popular about three years ago.

And when hasn’t Schoolboy Q brought an excellent feature? He’s crazy.

Listen to X now.


Released at the same time as the Black Panther soundtrack, Fredo and his track ”Keep It Real” is a great fusion of American and British rap. We mentioned Fredo Santana the other week, but this is just Fredo. And he’s from the UK. He brought Desiigner on this track, who we can actually hear what he’s saying. Damn. And the household favourite Dave East with a feature as well.

Listen to Keep It Real.

DJ Quik

This is a remix of a Tupac track by the legendary DJ Quik. I’ve heard that he was brought to rap battles, bringing only two pens or sticks, to create a beat on whatever surface he could find. This clappy remix is a great tribute to one of raps greatest.

I love the verse starting at 2:26… Years old but still sound so sweet. 

Listen to Loyal To The Game.

Jae Fly

Last track for this newsletter is by the rather unknown Jae Fly. Little is known but he’s highly productive at the moment and have released this laid back track. 

Listen to Altitude.

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