I was truly saddened by the news that Fredo Santana passed away the other day. We also had Lil Peep who left us recently. There’s been a few rappers that have died from drug abuse throughout the years. It’s also clear that a lot of rappers fall ill personally and professionally because of abusing drugs. Now that rap has gone super mainstream and with very young rappers and hence also even younger listeners, the popularity of drugs are increasing. Let’s hope it takes a turn and put an end to this movement. I remember watching Lil Waynes documentary that was supposed to be an insight into how his album was created, but it was widely received as an insight into how drugs can screw with a persons life. The documentary was put on hold due to Lil Wayne starting to have seizures and went back and forth to the hospital. Anyhow… let’s get into this weeks music.

Fredo Santana

A necessary intro this week is Fredo Santanas track with Kendrick Lamar. Fredo had a couple of hits and was one of the main figures to push the Chicago drill scene to the world fame it reached. This track is from that era, and when Fredo tried to reach an even bigger audience.

Listen to Jealous (feat. Kendrick Lamar).

Lucki Ecks

The next track is ”old” (2013). It’s one of the greatest mixtape from a young, new artist I ever heard, still. It’s Lucki Eck$ who made this extremely hardcore, reality driven, insight into how it is to be a drug seller.

Alternative Trap shows how a young, conscious, self-aware of his environment kid knows about the consequences of his clients but too cynical to give a shit. 

All this is made over beats that sounds modern today as well and far off from what was being released in that time (2013) and that area (Chicago).

Unfortunately he hasn’t delivered at that level since, but he recently delivered a new mixtape that upheld a decent standard. I believe the drugs caught up to him. Let’s hope for a great 2018 and fresh start (again) for Lucki.

Listen to Count On Me or Alternative Trap now.


Newcomer or something. Honestly the weirdest way I’ve ever discovered a rap track: I was going through YouTube channels for new music today and found one that had an image of a tram station just by where I live in Stockholm, Sweden as a cover art – so I had to click. Turns out, the track had a refreshing beat and decent. Let’s see what this guy brings next.

Listen to Re Re.

YGN Nahmir

YBN Nahmir made a grande opening with his track Rubbin Off The Paint, and he’s now back with this upbeat track. It’s so short though, 1:37 short. Generally tracks from young, new artist are very short – I believe it might be because on Spotify and other streaming services, you get paid per streamed track and not amount of time, hence longer albums (just look at Migos latest album as an example) with shorter tracks. 

Listen to Bounce Out With That.

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