It’s 2018 and I’m eager to release more this year. I look forward to a lot o new hip hop from old as well as new artists. Let’s start this new year with a few younger ones. Speaking of young rappers, can you guess who’s on the header image? Til’ next time!

Derez Deshon

While browsing for producers I came across Derez Deshon. This track goes hard while still being calm, in a weird way. While it goes hard, I have to say it was difficult to get more information about this guy, even though he seems to be very active here and there. Just looking for a proper image of him was a major task in itself. Can’t say he had marketing material ready to be published. It’s too bad that some artists disappears due to a simple fact like that, but what can you do – being an artist is like running a business: you need to succeed in many fields at once. 

Produced by London on da Track.

Listen to Hardaway.


IshDARR has been featured previously. He’s back with a new single. His latest release, Moon Girl, proved he’s able and capable of going of his previous lane and explore something else. This track today is a live view of an artist dedicated to improving himself for each new track. I really appreciate IshDARRs capabilities of mixing verses with hooks in a nice blend.

Listen to Glass now.

Youngboy Never Going Broke Again

NBA YoungBoy Never Going Broke Again or whatever you prefer to call him (he has like 8 different artist pages on Spotify) is back with a new great track. Friday bounce incoming.

He’s been mentored by record label character and controversy personality Birdman these past couple of weeks, something I hope he doesn’t keep up with: nothing good can come out of that.

Listen to Outside Today.

Higher Brothers

I introduced some Swedish rap a while back. On that note, or a completely different note depending on how you see it, I thought I’d feature Higher Brothers. They’re a group of young guys from Chengdu. They’ve had a great year and look to advance even further in 2018. They got support from the popular YouTube channel 88Rising (where they made their hit in 2016) and have collaborated with a couple of popular american rappers like Famous Dex and Ski Mask The Slump God.

Listen to Rich Bitch.

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