The theme this week is the birth of hip hop. It’s a special day. The 11th of August in 1973 DJ Kool Herc held a party where he mixed tracks together to create the first hip hop track. One of the tracks he mixed is featured today, Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose. Hip hop has evolved since then, with a lot of new sub genres, artists and styles. Here’s some of them.

BROCKHAMPTON has been featured before. They keep delivering a different type of sound with playful ways of creating beats. This new track is no exception. They got a new album on the way, even though they just recently released one. I can’t complain. 

Sean Price and MF DOOM, two legendary rappers released new music and it has that villain sound; raw and nasty. 

James Brown wasn’t something I thought I’d feature here, but as this song (and another one of his, Sex Machine) were the ones to lay the foundation of hip hop, I can’t see how this isn’t a perfect fit. 

MadeinTYO has been getting a lot of attention the past year or two. Only this year he received the XXL Freshman title. He’s part of foundation of the calmer rapping wave that many young rappers do now. 



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Sean Price and MF DOOM

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Ride On Em

Youngboy Never Going Broke Again

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Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose

James Brown

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