The theme this week is summer is about to end. There’s often a lot of albums dropping pre-summer – so the artists can get the radio plays. Now, with autumn approaching, a lot of new albums are incoming. Also, I’m leaving for my summer vacation to Italy so there won’t be an update next week. Arrivederci!

A$ap Mob are releasing a new album in a week and this is the first single. Calm track with a New York vibe to it. 

Dave East is my favourite New York rapper. Although this album got a bit trap generic, this track stands out more since he’s leaving his comfort zone which makes it more interesting. 

Jazz Cartier has been getting signing deals from Drake and many more, but he’s been calm and made his own way. This track is produced by Mike Will Made It and it’s Jazz first track in a while. His previous albums and mixtapes are stunning – don’t miss out. 

A$ap Ferg just released his new album. It’s heavy hitters only – he learned from his previous album that this is what he’s good at. Really good at. 

Feels So Good

A$ap Mob

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Dave East

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Nobody’s Watching

Jazz Cartier

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A$ap Ferg

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