The theme this week is under 33. I can’t stand the lists that are just even numbers like ”Most Famous Under 20”. We need to stop the OCD of even numbers. Anyhow. These guys are relatively young. The industry doesn’t really keep the older rappers in focus. It’s a genre for young artists. Of course, some keep up, like Jay Z who is ”old” compared to the rest of the scene. How old can you go in hip hop? Many seem to have a limit at 35, like Drake and more, but with his latest album, Jay Z seem to prove that there’s a space and interest for the elder wisdom. We need to have a 30+ theme sometime soon.

Lil Uzi Vert finally dropped a new tape. Last big drop was 31 july 2016. Apparently he didn’t drop anything new since his last tape still received over 2 million plays a month. I absolutely love everything Lil Uzi Vert creates. 

Brockhampton seems to be a household name here now, and it almost feels bad to write about them again. But! They released a new album, shortly after their first album, and it’s just as good. They’re changing the rules of hip hop with their unique style, creativity and hard work.

Action Bronson is a rapper, entertainer and a chef. Check out his cooking show if you haven’t. He’s back with a new album and this smooth track is just everything I need for an easy weekend.

XXXTentacion may be the weirdest guy at it. And has the most troublesome name to write. And history. He’s just weird, still this track is something else.

Pretty Miami

Lil Uzi Vert

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Action Bronson

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Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares


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